Simple & Quick menus for New Year Eve Party 2020

Time to enjoy the twin festive season and usher in the good tidings; Christmas, followed by New Year. You have reasons to be ecstatic as plans are afoot to welcome this month’s two important events. But since you have already planned the special Christmas holiday dinner, plan for the next equally special event on the Eve of the welcoming of New Year party 2020.  

Excitement is in the air and also anxiety coupled with apprehension whether the New Year Eve event will be a grand one. 

First and foremost, plan the feasts for the event in terms of a number of invites including children. Decide whether you want to host a grand party or a small get-to-gather for near and dear ones. Accordingly one can plan the menu.  This write-up offers New Year’s Eve recipes which we are sure your guests will be impressed. 

New Year 2020

Honey Chili Potatoes

This classic finger food is undoubtedly a perfect party starter at any celebration. The ingredients for this easy-to-prepare Indo-Chinese snack are absolutely minimum and preparation time is also very little. Fried potatoes, honey, chili and a lot of crunches, this is a foremost show-stealer at any party.

Butter Chicken

The butter chicken among the chicken recipes has remained a global sensation. Chicken marinated in a pool of assorted spices cooked in a creamy tomato-based gravy. Earn all the accolades and applause with this scrumptiously mouthwatering recipe by presenting it on the party table.

Fried Onion Rings

This item is common in many favorite food joints. Besides, they are the indispensable food item for any party. This simple item can be made at home very easily. The delicious snack that impresses one and all is very easy to prepare. Onion rings coated in a batter of flour and spices, fried till golden brown. We are certain that this dish is second to none as an appetizer…quick, crispy and amazingly tasty. 

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