Reveling Delicious Winter Food Recipes from Diwali to Christmas

For young and grown-up alike, all cherish good food when it is scrumptiously inviting. Naturally, as one might expect, food has remained an integral part of a holiday. Complementary to this, food recipes, particularly traditional recipes passed down as part of legacy through generations are painstakingly prepared and enjoyed in a get-to-gather of family and friends.

The holiday season is a reason to be jubilant as different cultures celebrate their holidays according to their customs and conventions.  Despite these variances, cooking and enjoying special foods is a practice that surpasses much beyond religion and tradition.

Among the months in the calendar, December is one of the favorite months of the year. It is time to wind up everything for spending some quality time with near and dear ones to welcome Christmas followed by New Year. It is time for some merriment and rejoicing to celebrate the festivity connected to this global event.

In India, the Christmas festival is celebrated with as much enthusiasm as any other Indian festival. With houses, buildings, roads, malls, and food plazas being decorated with lights, colorful festoons, sparkling Christmas trees with symbolically wrapped gifts.  Wrapping up the decoration with Santa socks etc. makes it a specular festive event. The food takes a significant spot in the celebration.

Relatively speaking Christmas is all about merriment and feasts with all so have some fun, share and receive gifts!  Further, if you have planned a grand Christmas dinner party at your place and still wishy-washy about the menu, then you have reached the correct address!

If you are indecisive, this article will help you decide the holiday menu for your dinner party. If you serve from our menu be prepared to receive accolades and wishes from your guests as your Christmas feast will be remembered by them until next Christmas.

Explore some of the popular & ultimate Indian recipes for a grand feast. Give your taste buds the choice to savor from curries to samosas, bhajis and side dishes. Every dish is full of flavor prepared with a passion worthy of relishing and appreciating by a connoisseur.

We at Cater Ninja, specialist for festivals, specialize in both savory and sweet recipes, particularly the classic Christmas drinks with the combination of desserts. Besides, we also got some wonderful treats for the adults, fussy eaters and simple Christmassy bites for the kids.  It is always a delight to receive return gifts, and CaterNinja amazes the guests with party bag ideas full of Christmas goodies for them to remember the grand event until we get together again.

Cheers…Merry Christmas to one and all!

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