The royal sweet dish of Hyderabad- Shahi Tukda

Be it Char Minar, Biryani or the language itself, Hyderabad is an adventure to our palate. The savory delights of the city are really hard to find and you have probably never tried.

Among the long list of delicacies, is the royal dish literal to its name-Shahi Tukda. The dish is perfect for every setting and is liked by everyone from younger and elders. Let’s us explore the making of this royal Hyderabad cuisine.

The ingredients for making Shahi Tukda are- Bread slices, sugar syrup, rabdi, dry fruits, clarified butter or vegetable oil, saffron strands.

  • Cut bread in triangles and let them air dry for at least 2 hours, till they are totally dry.
  • Mix water and sugar in a bowl and warm it. When the sugar is altogether broken up, let it bubble for around 10 minutes.
  • Add green cardamom powder to it, blend well and take it off the gas stove and let it cool marginally.
  • Meanwhile, take a heavy bottomed container and boil milk.
  • Once the milk is bubbling and let it reduce to around 1/2 of its amount.
  • While milk is decreasing, take the bread cuts, apply ghee on the two sides of the bread and tawa (dish) fry it till it is brilliant darker on both the sides.
  • Take the fried bread slices and pour sugar syrup on it and let it get absorbed.
  • Now, pour this decreased milk over the bread cuts with sugar syrup and let it get absorbed as well.
  • Sprinkle the dry fruits on top.
  • If you want to eat it chilled refrigerate it. Be that as it may, most of the folks prefer to dig in when it is warm.
Royal Sweet Dish of Hyderabadi Shahi Tukda
royal sweet dish Indian catering

Viola! The royal dish is ready to be served!

You can select this recipe for wedding, anniversaries, get-togethers and even corporate parties. Just don’t forget to get easily catered along with Hyderabadi cuisines from Cater Ninja!

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