Winter reception catering- fusion dessert!

The winter is coming!

No, it’s almost here and monsoon is ready to bid farewell to us. Whether it is the rainy season, winter or summer, sweet delightful desserts play a prominent spirit in every celebration. One such occasion is the wedding reception party.

The wedding reception has charms of their own. Celebrated after the main wedding day, it is the first public appearance of the newly-weds. Similar to the wedding elaborate preparations are made for this event. This is the time for both the families to rejoice over their new accord.

One can go with the traditional setup or with the latest trending cocktails themed reception party. Here are some of the Indian food who have found their perfect partner-

From black forest cake in Germany to Kulfi in India, desserts are the only thing in the world that has a room even after a full meal. Desserts make us go weak in the knees and even they are an integral part of our sacred offering.

When accompanied by Pav Bhajji or dum biryani, Indian desserts taste best when served hot. 

Yet another dessert recipe that ought to be in your winter reception menu is rabdi malpua. These are two dishes that are meant to be together. A perfect festive combo that can never ever go wrong!

Rabdi is such a versatile dish that can go along with jalebis as well. Kesari Jalebis with Rabdi is a delicious Indian recipe served as a dessert. Pipping hot jalebi and chilled rabdi even get better with this unmatched combination.

Our next dessert in the line is a much-loved gulab jamun with ice cream. Indeed, this is an Indian version of brownie with ice cream. If you haven’t tried yet, vanilla with gulab jamun is a match made in heaven!

Lastly, when it comes to desserts, no one can beat the many varieties of sweets India boasts of made from a whole lot of ingredients. So with this list in hand, include something new in your winter reception menu with all of these above desserts.

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