Indo-Chinese Cuisine catering for ‘Big Fat’ weddings and grand events

Taste of Indo-Chinese Cuisine

Perhaps, due to the Asian lineage, both Indians and Chinese love each other’s culinary. Undoubtedly both the culinary arts are popular across the globe. For a superb fusion of sorts, it is an acknowledged fact that the two most popular cuisines would create some delightful dishes; combined.

Indisputably Indians have taken a fancy for Chinese dishes. They have also adapted Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques, therefore, the taste of common spices and flavors like turmeric powder, cumin seeds, coriander, etc. can also be found in Chinese food; the obsession for each other’s food is clear.

The Authentic Taste of Chinese Food Originated in West Bengal

A small Chinese community in Kolkata, India, made their style of cooking immensely popular among the locals. The unique taste became a global phenomenon thanks to the style of cooking that spread spontaneously across the country.

A distinctive staple base option for the Chinese food in Indo-Chinese cuisine makes all the difference; chicken, shrimp and the variants of Hakka, Szechwan/Sichuan noodles or rice.

Our Indo-Chinese Catering Dishes

The Chinese dishes have been a favorite for all ages. For example, our own preparation of vegetable Hakka noodles is well received both by vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The dish preparation is simple by combining julienne vegetables with finely chopped ginger, green chilies, spring onions, capsicum.

Normally the ingredients are stir-fried over high heat to ensure the vegetables stay crisp and fresh and then add them with the Hakka noodles.  Relish with the finest dark soya sauce for a mouth-watering delectable dish.

Another popular item is Chicken Manchurian. This delicious, gravy dish caters to many tastes. Marinated chicken pieces are deep-fried and added to a rich, sweet and salty brown sauce, flavored with garlic, ginger and garnished with toasted sesame seeds. The net result is a yummy and great taste!

The Indo-Chinese blend of taste has surpassed everybody’s expectations.  Asian fusion food is here to stay and established in every nook and corner of the entire metropolitan Indian cities.  The youth and grown-up alike are savoring exotic dishes like ramen, khow suey, and char siu bao. However, nobody can resist a plate of crispy honey chili potatoes or chicken Manchurian. You know why?  Nothing can beat the Indian Chinese food comb!

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