Best Wedding Catering Styles

The Big Fat Indian Catering Industry India is a land of diverse festivals. And the most sizzling festive season among all is right here.
Yes, the Wedding Season!

The hustle and bustle is around the home. And what is wedding without serving some finger-licking food to the honorable guests. A wedding is not complete without good food. What you need most is a board dedicated to catering your needs to send off your guests with smiles and stomach full. Whether you’re hosting a breakfast meeting, birthday celebration, or a corporate event to wow employees and clients, a catering service is what you need! Everyone loves great food. It’s the vibe of any event big or small, and a source of great excitement for hungry guests.


A fancy wedding feast is one example, but the same rules apply to all gatherings, simple or grand. Delicious, authentic catering always hits the spot. Check out our wedding catering menus for Bangalore Mumbai and New Delhi.

So let’s check out which wedding style is right for you!

A buffet tempts your guests at function to get number of meal choices that are different. The meals are cater to the preferences of every guest and makes possible to cater for a big bunch with full table service. Owning to this reason, buffet catering generally results in less waste and higher consumption of food at wedding.

Generally everyone prefers personalized serving of food. A plated catering service at wedding allows for better conversation between guests and maintains consistent serve times for each individual. Summing up, plated meals provide a uniform experience for everyone.

There is another yet charming and relaxed catering service- Family style. As the guests are seated, the hustle begins
behind the scenes. Later the dishes are brought to the guest table and are passed around and serve themselves.

Wedding Reception Food Ideas
Whether you choose to serve the wedding meal plated, family style, or as a buffet, the important part is to accomplish
the vision of your special day. Having the right menu is essential. But more than that matching your service style to your
guest list, menu, and the theme is priceless.

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