Get winter BBQ party-ready with Atmosfire

BBQ is traditionally held in western countries in summer, but here in India BBQ is rounded up with the best dishes from Atmosfire right at your place. Grills and barbecues are topping the list of the food chart with mouth-watering barbeques recipes to entertain your guests & get loads of compliments this party season! 

Take out BBQ to enjoy the most of the winter by enjoying mouthwatering dishes prepared by expert chefs at Atmosfire and carefully catered by cater ninja.

You have been relishing the typical BBQ recipes all along; why not depart from the usual style and spice up a little into the Indian barbeque food recipes?  Not a bad idea. The Indian recipes would comprise of both meat and veggies. Impress your friends during any season; summer, winter or monsoon with some awesome dishes befitting a connoisseur of food.     

Historically speaking, barbecue or barbeque, spelled, either way, is considered to be one of the world’s oldest cooking methods generally with delectably tender meat and flavored smoky vegetables. The BBQ recipes find favor with everyone irrespective of the age.             

Party time with live BBQ party at home

When planning a party keeps the whole affair easy.  Arrange and give final touches to your BBQ crowd around with pleasing dishes from Atmosfire.

family BBQ party in winter India

You want the party to be lively and the guests to enjoy every moment. So, ideally, as a host make it a potluck and focus on the main dish while guests help with appetizers, starters, desserts, and beverages.

Do not forget the kids; let them help in little jobs like helping in laying the dining table, setting out plates, filling ice tubes, napkins, tissues, dishes, etc. It is a brilliant idea to involve the children in the joy of sharing food and have fun at the same time

Just get away from the oft routine of burgers, pizzas, hot dogs or sausages. Come out of your kitchen and come outdoors in the open to try your hands on some Indian cuisines with barbeque.  While you guests surround you at the barbeque grilling oven, talk about the recipe and the cooking methods of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes…literally a cookery show goes live with Atmosfire.

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