Catering for fundraising event in ‘foodie culture’

Choosing a menu for your charity event is more than just-food. The food you serve can leave a lasting impression – whether it’s good or bad – and can have a powerful effect on the success of your next fundraiser.

Irrespective of street-style food trucks or an elegant buffet, food encourages people to donate. After all, it is the key to making your event successful because of the growing “foodie culture” world.

You have to determine the role of food will play among the other activities you have planned. Among this, the budget shouldn’t be your enemy while food planning. There are some amazing menus you can plan without breaking the bank.

There are numerous ways that we can be helpful with our service. From hosting live BBQ and boxed lunches to catering large events, we can make your fundraising event something remembered.

One common misconception we come across is that people often assume that buffet or live meal is cheaper than a seated meal. In reality, it depends on the type of food served, not how it is served.  So go ahead and let your caterer know your budget upfront along with the menus and serving style you prefer.

After guests have been fed, our staff and planners’ focus then shifts to keeping the event moving on a strict timeline. That means making the transition to a live auction that provokes the spirit of generosity throughout the venue.

If you’re looking for top-tier catering services for your next fundraiser event, we look forward to meeting with you. Contact us

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