Enjoy veggie platter this world vegetarian day

“Let’s take all things veggies”

This world vegetarian day, even if you are not interested in becoming vegetarian or vegan, there are plenty of reasons to take your plant-based intake.

From curries to samosas, bhajias and side dishes, every dish is full of flavor. With all sumptuous dishes and intricate ingredient, Indian veg cuisine incorporates a whole new palette of sweet, sour, spicy & tangy- all at once. Also, there is a wide net of spices, cereals, pulses, and veggies.

If you travel through a various region of India, you will come across unique cuisines indigenous to that region. The types and varieties of dishes available in India are infinite and equally tasty.

Vegetarian recipes are made with huge variety of vegetables and pulses as their main ingredient, from okra and brinjal to lentils and chickpeas. And of course, paneer, an Indian cottage cheese, is another excellent vegetarian ingredient common in Indian cuisine.

To keep up the spirit on world vegetarian day, we’re sharing Indian veg recipes that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Dal chawal

Dal fry is a common version of dal dish that is commonly prepared in every household in India. Although there are different kinds of lentils are used for making dal. Thus each of them tastes differently and is enjoyed by all age groups.

While including this dish in your party menu, you’ll probably find two types of recipes- dal fry or dal tadka and dal makhani. Make sure to add a dash of ghee or butter for extra blissful flavor.

Kofta Curry

The name of this dish gives us the idea that it made with “meatballs”. However, it is made with the very fresh lauki aka bottle gourd and base of rich gravy. These melt in mouth koftas taste great with romali roti or naan just as they do with rice.

Baingan Baharta

Smoked brinjals (eggplant in the US) are tempered with a simple combination of spices & herbs, bringing out a flavorful dish. You will find its similar version known as Baba ghanoush a popular appetizer of Middle Eastern countries.

Chole Bature

This crowd-pleasing tangy temptation is made with chickpeas and curried to perfection. The combination dish is served as chole, batture, aachar & creamy chilled lassi.

On a side note, it is a common assumption that all Indians are vegetarians, but according to research over 60% of Indians are omnivores. So how come vegetarianism is so central to Indian cuisine? Geographical factor and the role of religion are the two important reasons, while some are vegetarian because they simply never acquired the taste & enthusiasm of meat.


While above are some of the common dishes to enjoy this world vegetarian day, you can get your favorite food catered for a fun-filled party from Cater Ninja.

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