Ingenious ways to indulge in the spirit of world food day

This month is indeed full of festivals and celebrations. And, being an Indian celebration food is ought to be special.

Some might be worried about putting weight this month and are already hitting gyms, or are eating lighter to make room for celebratory indulgence.

But this month represents more than just another chance of celebration, it represents a change in the lives of people across the globe. This month, the annual celebration of World Food Day on 16th October. The objective behind celebrating world food day is to ensure that there is enough food available for everyone world wide.

So here we present the best ways you can contribute and celebrate world food day this season-

From hosting a dinner party to supporting digital campaign everyone has a seat on the table this world food day. Share your food recommendations and support a food chain that is participating in World Food Day to feed more than just customers.

This is also a great chance to embrace your inner foodie and explore local cuisines in and around your city. Order locally prepared fresh food and celebrate local flavor with your family and friends.

For a corporate party, you can order food from different regions of India. Here we present you some food ideas-

Rasgulla- Originated in Odisha and migrated to Bengal, Rasgulla from here are really popular.

Dal-Bati Churma- A dish from Rajasthan, Dal-Bati churma is a three in one treat revered for its brilliant taste and simplicity.

Malwani Fish Curry- A traditional dish from malvani cuisine, this fish curry dish is popular among sea-food lovers. So if you happen to go for sea-food do try this rich coconut gravy with spicy malvani masala.

Dosa- Don’t by its name! This is one of the oldest dishes in the world, with over 600+ varieties.

And finally…

Whichever way you decide to celebrate, remember that this day is about spreading awareness about food insecurity.

The world already produces enough food for everyone, but a huge portion is wasted and ends up in landfills. This has to change.

Share your thoughts below on how you celebrate the spirit of World Food Day!

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