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Love of spicy food is intrinsic in one’s personality, so to say. Love for spicy and peppery hot food does not just display your cultural upbringing as it can partake occasionally for the excitement! Here we have lined up some delightfully traditional spicy recipes that will blast your taste buds off….setting them on fire!

Lemon Chicken

Fresh lemon chicken-CaterNinja

This dish with the right ingredients is easy to prepare will melt in your mouth with a tangy lemon kick. Generally, this preparation is made with citrus juices and some basic Indian spices. Different versions can be tried out yet it is one of the delicious chicken dishes with a dash of lemon flavor. It scores thumbs up at any dinner party and one would not be able to resist coming back to try out this chicken recipe.

Chettinad Fish Fry

Fish curry-CaterNinja

Chettinad cuisine from the region of South India is popular for its spicy delicacies and tasty dishes. The benchmark distinct taste of the Chettinad dishes lies in its preparations in freshly roasted ground masalas and species to derive some great flavors. The spicy Chettinad Fish Fry, one of the many delightful dishes from the Chettinad kitchen can be served as a starter or a side dish with your meals, preferably with steamed rice; a staple food of the south. Any type of fleshed fish can be used to prepare this regal dish.

Dum Aloo Lakhnavi

Dum Aloo Lakhnavi is an authentic Indian dish from the royal city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. The name of the dish itself suggests its vintage origin from northern India. This dish from among the classical Indian recipes makes a delightful treat to the entire guest.  Fried potatoes stuffed with paneer, blended in a rich spicy onion and tomato gravy produce a great dish with regular course to appeal the entire guest.

Shahi Egg Curry

Apart from the desired protein and health benefits coming from eggs, it is a resourceful food that makes some delicious dishes cooked simply in different ways for each meal. Shahi aka royal is indeed befitting its name when it comes to its preparation of delicious curry with choicest aromatic species used liberally. This dish scores brownie points as it is liked by everyone at the dining table.  Depending on the choice of the diner, this versatile dish goes well with rice, chapattis, rotis, bread, etc.

Malabari Prawn Curry

Prawns curry-CaterNinja

This delicious dish is from the state of Kerala as the name suggests. Malabari Prawn curry prepared from quality local seafood makes great dish that can be enjoyed during meals. Normally, king-sized prawns are used for this dish which is relished by one and all.

Using authentic and traditional Malabari species, this turns out into thick gravy using prawns or fish (optional) making this cuisine distinct due to the use of special spices. After all, with rich ingredients, it is a wholesome food tasting peppery hot, sour, sweet, and tangy all at the same time. This dish is prepared not only during celebrations or special occasions but also regularly in some of the houses of seafood lovers.

Makhmali Kofte

Makhmali Kabab-CaterNinja

Generally, vegetarian koftas made with khoya are smooth and soft but are rich in gravy! Most of the cuisines from Marwah from the state of Rajasthan, are primarily vegetarian but most of the dishes are liberal with ghee, dairy, lentils, grains, and besan. Each of these elements is well-thought-out and delightful offerings; fit for an imperial. Incidentally, Makhmali Kofta is also a popular dish among Kashmiris albeit with different spices and seasonings that adds to the flavors. What more… the dish is not difficult to cook and this recipe can be completed in a jiffy. These koftas are prepared in advance.  All one has to do is to cut the fried koftas into four pieces, pour the gravy over it and garnish with grated cream or cheese. Makhmali Koftas can be relished by everyone if served hot!

Kerala Coconut Chicken Curry

Coconut kerela Chicken curry CaterNinja

Regardless of the season, this irresistible flavor-packed chicken curry made in South Indian Style with pearl onions, curry leaves, coconut oil, and coconut milk; all the ingredients generously used for the distinct taste, calls for a treat! Succulent pieces of chicken with mushroom or potatoes (optional) are infused with a delicious blend of spices for rich coconut gravy. This deliciously flavorsome hot dish goes down well with rice or rotis.

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