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Strange but true…catering occupies just about 25% of the total wedding budget in India. The accomplishment of a wedding celebration is decisive by the quality of the catering service. More so, the cost of catering service is one of the major budgetary expenses and has a bearing on the total wedding budget. The catering service includes food and beverages besides the grandeur decorations and service.

Regardless of the style of the event; a grand wedding celebration or a restrained marriage ceremony, catering service is an inevitable item of the event. There are various factors that determine the costs for catering at your wedding celebration that cannot be avoided. Cater-Ninja are here to share insights from their catering experts which will help you to make a wise catering decision!

An attempt is made to put down wedding scale and current catering costs in India along with expert insights from reputed caterers of India:

Catering Costs of Wedding in India

A big fat Indian wedding may easily cost around 30-60 lac INR. You can expect your catering cost to range somewhere between 8-10 lacs INR.

A trending mid-size or an average wedding budget could be 25 lacs INR. Here catering alone will cover nearly 4-6 lac INR.

A modest wedding would cost anywhere between 5-10 lacs INR. For catering and allied service you can earn 2 lacs INR.

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Following are some major factors that affect catering rates and tips to how you can cut expenses with proper planning:

Scale of wedding

Almost all caterers charge on a per plate basis irrespective of the number of guests 100, 200 or 500, but a marginal discount can be expected as the number gets increased. Before hiring a caterer, it would be rather sensible to create an exhaustive list of the expected number of guests that are going to attend the event. This simple yet cumbersome exercise will give you an idea of the number of guests that are expected to attend the wedding. Order the caterer to arrange food according to your guest list while keeping a back-up buffer for 20-30 guests.

Unexpected Guests

Peculiarly enough, this happens in Indian weddings. Many a times, some friends of your guests or relatives might accompany them at the weddings. Besides, many friends or associates who have been unwittingly missed out may show up at the event and you can also count on some uninvited wedding crushers that tend to increase the food consumption. You cannot avoid the former situation but can deal with the gate crashers by requesting them to bring their invitations along at your wedding.

Catering price variation

Like any other industry, there is competition in catering service too. While scrutinizing the best caterer for your wedding, you may come across several wedding caterers whose rates differ. If you want to manage your budget efficiently, make your calculations in advance and calculate the average fund you would need to allocate for the catering. While choosing the wedding caterer, select the one which actually fits your budget and mind it their experience also has to be taken into consideration.

Improper planning

Improper or hasty planning may back fire and the blunder would turn the event into a damp squib. Budget planning is the secret of a successful wedding party. Like any event or function, food will be the highlight at your wedding too. Ask your caterer to ensure the food preparation is liked by most of the guests. Consider planning your food menu in advance even before you actually finalize a caterer. Discuss in advance the time involved in preparation of food, presentation/spreading on buffet table and serving.

Wastage of resources

In India, the bigger the wedding the larger the party and the more colossal the food wastage  It has been found that lack of planning and management results in food wastage at a wedding. We even observe that heaps of food remains unserved at weddings and banquets. Food wastage should be avoided wherever possible because there are many who cannot afford a meal. Make sure that your caterer orders raw material according to need which will save your food and money. In short, avoid wasting food!

Location factor

The venue of the event also plays a significant role in determining the catering cost. If your wedding location is far from the caterer you have selected, the cost will naturally go up. Caterninja can help you resolve this issue. Take time to scroll through online vendor discovery platforms. There are several other caterers that can deliver top services at reasonable costs.

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Quality of caterer

Quality of food served has been the standard hallmark of a caterer. Quality should never be compromised when it comes to weddings. Choose among the best wedding caterer to serve your guests premium quality food and service with a smile. Remember that quality comes with a price tag. A best wedding caterer will always deliver you the best service within your cost. While planning your wedding, it is better to choose a caterer who can offer you the best within a moderate price.

Recommendations and referrals from friends and family can help you get best caterers in your vicinity.

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