Corporate Catering Services in Delhi NCR

There are no stopping to the popularity of the professionalism connected with the corporate catering services for official events in and around NCR particularly New Delhi. Basically, these services are a minuscule of a broader concept of catering related to serving food and drinks option to any official event. Apart from these fundamentals, it gives importance to the grandeur and décor for the event. Waiting staff for different tasks are part and parcel of the contract.

The professionalism connected to the décor of a corporate event is fairly different from that of conventional and informal events. Relatively speaking, what exactly is corporate catering and how big a part does this phenomenal service play?
An overview of catering services over different parts is briefly described here:

Catering – Definition

Formerly, catering was out of reach for ordinary folks. In essence hiring catering service seems to make way for all kinds of events. Besides this concept has become essential as it handles professionally all the nitty gritty of hosting a corporate party with élan.

It has become quite common for companies now to hire the best corporate catering services in Delhi NCR. In fact, many offices believe that outsourcing catering services makes the job of hosting event very simple and easy without any hassles; in other words, the office staff need not get involved in the arrangement. The host company only has to indicate the event; conference, seminar, training or celebrating success, retirement party etc.

It has been recorded that, in the beginning, the catering business was limited to privileged class of nobles and the royals. Now it has become an industry and prospering to a different vertical.
Go to see, the catering business is more than just serving food and drinks as everyone is looking to hire branded catering services.

Best Caterers Delhi NCR

Moreover, the outreach of the catering companies is broadening the range of its various services which also includes decoration and entertainment.
Even the bother of selecting the venue is being handled by corporate catering services in Delhi NCR who offer prominent venues for hosting any type of event.

In recent times, many people are health conscious; so in order to take advantage of this situation, as an added service, some of the reputed corporate catering companies in the NCR & Delhi region offer delicious delicacies of variety of healthy diets like vegan and gluten-free apart from normal vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

How does Corporate Catering Services in Delhi NCR Work?

Although the process is similar to ordering a pizza but with a little more detail is involved like;

Counting the number of guests

Taking notes of their options viz., veg, non-veg, diets
Contact the catering service offering all the above options
Finally, tell them the final requirement and set up the payment mode
The process is not very complex or easy either. In each and every step above the process is basically passion to serve. Regardless of the type of event; office lunch, informal employees get-to-gather one is required to take into account all the preferences of different guests. Besides, it is important to stay under the given budget without compromising on the service and quality.

For example an office lunch is being hosted for your employees –
Avoid expensive seafood and steak platter for such an event.
Instead order wraps of different diet types along with salads, sandwiches and curries etc.
You could also opt for big corporate catering event like festivals or celebration dinners-
Here essentially include appetizers, main course and thereafter proper dessert options as usual.
Finger food, canapés and a buffet set up always find appreciation from the guests.
Before connecting with the top corporate catering services in Delhi NCR
Ideally decide upon certain factors before contacting any catering company in terms of location/venue for the even.

If the catering is for a large gathering, then it is important to look for a venue which will host the entire guest along with few extras guests.

Number of Guests – Having an idea about the count of guests attending the event gives you an idea about the level of catering company you need. If the gathering is small, then connecting with large scale catering services in Delhi NCR is not advisable. Either they will not take up the contract or they will increase the price of the services to compensate for the cost. On the other hand, a small catering company might not have the resources to handle a large crowd comfortably.

Plan the Menu – Connect with the guests and have an idea as to what kind of diet they follow. These days, health conscious people eat frugally. They follow different diet plan and are very strict and particular about their food. It is better to know how many follow vegan and gluten-free and have options in the menu for them. This will ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the party.

The advantage of hiring a catering service is you can decide the menu even before the budget is allocated.

Different Types of Events Catering Services in Delhi NCR

Generally, no catering companies deal in arranging all the corporate events. Only some cater for small official events and some only take up large party events, yet most of them cater for the following events –
Office Lunches
Team Building Events
Business Parties, Seminars &Success parties
Festive Function sand Retreats

Corporate catering services in Delhi NCR are expanding regularly. With so many companies available, the cost of these services is also reasonable. However, those who wish to make their event a success should look for an option by checking their experience and testimonials.

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