How to choose the right menu? Here are a few tips to choose the right menu

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt Chaotic choosing the menu for the events you have been planning. When you think of choosing the menu you’re hit with delicious appetizers, Mocktails, Salads, Soups, Main course, Deserts and so on. It’s daunting enough to set the right menu to throw a memorable event. Well, there’s good news: Choosing the right menu doesn’t have to be that daunting. With the right variety of choices at your disposal, you could easily choose the right menu. We’ll walk through how to do it. When we’re done you’ll know exactly how to choose the right menu that will astonish your guest. Ready? Let’s dig in.

Consider the big picture:

While food is an important aspect of any event, make sure the food plan fits into the event as a whole. The important thing to consider while planning an event is what kind of service style you are looking? A buffet or plated service! Always be open to the suggestion from you caterers. They want their food to be a massive hit as much as you do.

Special Needs Considerations:

Every person has a different perception and taste when it comes to eating. So don’t rush too early. You will want to consider the below point before choosing the right menu. It’s always good to rely on your caterer; they are the one who wants the food to be delicious and healthy.

  • Food allergies
  • Religious requirements
  • Other dietary restrictions

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Tastes and textures:

 Everyone likes spicy and smoky food, but you will not want to overload your guest. So keep a mixture of different foods such as rich and fiber filled foods. Replace some herbs with salt to give a different taste. Add some creamy, crunchy and crumbly foods like Marconi and cheese, feta into a salad; however, this will vary from event to event

Go menu:

Good to go menus are just like the last item we missed to add in our bag pack for a tour. A meal is incomplete without its “Go” Foods like dark chocolate with almond, peeled chili mango and so on. “Having said that” it can be less stressful if you ask your caterer for suggestions.

Before you start diving into any step of choosing the right menu you need to get your story straight. Just like you would outline your essay! Keep in mind that this menu should not be complex. After you’ve outlined your menu figure out which food and beverage you want to choose.

Last but certainly not least, you want to make this easy. Meet the caterer and have one on one discussion. Then, you’re ready to initiate your event and you know what the best part is? Next time, you choose the menu you won’t feel quite as daunting.

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