Appetizers and welcome drinks for a winter wedding

It’s no secret that the spring and summer months are among the most coveted times of year to tie the knot, but what you likely haven’t realized is that a cozy winter Christmas wedding can be as magical as an open-air ceremony and reception beneath the stars. Cool-weather celebrations offer the opportunity to plan a party with under-utilized and totally stylish seasonal details when you are planning a wedding in any of the wedding venues in Mumbai.

Everyone loves winter wedding which is both chic and surprising from sparking decoration to mouth-watering menus. A stylish cold-weather wedding will make you want to take the vows again and again during this magical season!

The food is what your wedding guests are going to talk about for years.

Don’t worry and sit back while we prepare a list of party starters and beverages that will make your wedding a hit and take your Indian wedding food menu to the next level! 

The star of any wedding, chat is what puts a salty and tangy twist to your wedding.

Papdi Chat

Deep-fried and usually cut in a circular shape, served with cold curd with mint and tamarind Chutney! You can also add some pomegranate to heighten the taste and make this chat more flavorful. 

Raj Kachori

Delicious battered and deep-fried fritters. You can go for a filling or serve them with hot Aloo Ki Sabzi.

No matter how tasty your food spread is, you do need an array of mocktails & cocktails to feel the buzz!

Classic Virgin Mojito

This classic needs no introduction! A crowd-pleasing welcome drink is mostly enjoyed among the younger generation.

Sangria Mocktail

Grape juice, finely sliced oranges, a few strawberries, some grapes, diced apple, some cinnamon, and cloves.

Coca Cola

No party is complete without our old pal – Coke! You cannot say no to this humble drink no matter your age group! 

With such unique food to choose from, let your wedding be the most romantic symphony ever created! An Indian wedding is a grand celebration. All of it is an experience in itself – the five-day-long drama, the loud musical competition, the overnight phere, the numerous dresses to be worn, innumerable days full of splendor and relatives! In all this food does add its own magic to the entire celebration.

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