House party for teenagers in Delhi

Whether it is a lavish party at your home or you are simply planning for a small get together for family and friends, you know that food is going to be the star of the day. Rest can be excused more or less, but if something goes wrong with the food, there is simply no redemption!

Preparing the food for the house party is a viable option if there are limited guests, but if the guest list is long, the best option is to cater to the food.

Thankfully Delhi-NCR has limitless options for online catering service along with a wide array of delectable dishes right at your doorstep. All you have to do is pick your favorite place, and we get it catered straight it to you.

delhi party catering

Being Truckers

Being a fast food lover is bliss here! The contemporary style restaurant has delicious coming out hot and fresh from a food truck. Taste of the food is on point with the right amount of spices. The place is best for quick munch with nice fast food easily addressed and is a great place for outings with friends.

The Lalit food truck company

The brainchild of the luxury hotel chain, the Lalit food truck with its breezy appearance offers simple and fun Mexican snacks ranging from crunchy and zesty tacos to juicy and flavorsome tortilla wraps.

Behrouz Biryani Delhi

Want to satiate your desire for biryani? Get it from Behrouz! Their zaikedar briyani has a story (as the ad says), that comes with Raita and some sweet gulab jamun. Surely with Behrouz, give your guest a flavorful and aromatic experience.

Moti Mahal Delux Delhi

This is a great place for north Indian and Chinese food. Famous for its naans and delicious north Indian cuisines, it is a great place to pick if you are planning to go with North Indian or Chinese menu.

For some who have sweet tooth, try desserts from Belgian waffle Delhi. Get some creamy crunch from Belgian Waffel and complete your house party with their unique range of deserts.

Wrapping up!

Every restaurant in Delhi has its unique flavor and palate. Ordering from a diverse restaurant with a diverse menu at the same time can leave you jumbled up. Hence it is recommended to let the professional work for you. Relax and customize the menu while we bring food from restaurants right at your doorsteps.

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