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Catering * Made * Easy

We are on a mission, a mission to make catering easy. Not just for Events But for All Your Daily Business Catering Food Needs. 



Get a glimpse of Corporate Catering with CaterNinja.

CaterNinja works the way you need to feed your Staff Lunches, Clients Meets, Senior Management Meals, Company events and Pantry Snacks.

Make your corporate catering easier and regain more time in your day.

We spend all day, everyday, talking to our caterers and making sure your order is on track so that you don't have to waste time following up.


How CaterNinja Works For You

1. CaterNinja Daily Meal Plan

A CaterNinja daily meal plan is the perfect solution for your office meals for employees. Whether you need breakfast, lunch, evening sncaks or dinner, CaterNinja’s meals arrive on your schedule, from top caterers and restaurants in your city.

Each menu is prepared by a dedicated client service coordinator, built specifically to your team’s budget, tastes and dietary needs. CaterNinja takes care of the planning and delivery of each meal. You spend less time on logistics and more time connecting with your team over lunch, making office meals something to look forward to everyday. Let CaterNinja make it easy.


2. Custom Event Catering Program

Do you have regular corporate events, seminars, conferences? Work with a CaterNinja Account Manager to create a catering program tailored for all such needs.
Examples of custom events catering program:

  • Full Day Corporate Seminars Meal Service
  • Rotating schedule of Curated Caterers
  • Dedicated CaterNinja Account Manager
  • Dedicated On-site Cordinator 
  • Feedback collection from your team
  • Delivery Cordination and On-time set up 


3. Snacks and Pantry

Stock your pantry with great snacks from CaterNinja's new pantry services.  Order your pantry snacks online on the CaterNinja platform, with your same corporate account perks.

Want to outsource your pantry and snack system? Work with a dedicated account manager to handle snack requests, curation, and regular replenishment.They’ll work with you to ensure the process runs flawlessly. See reports on your consumption patterns and your team's snack preferences.


4. Corporate Account For Employees

CaterNinja help you streamline your company's entire food / catering procurement. Get select staff from the company on a centralized ordering system thats integrated with your procurements and corporate billing. Register CaterNinja as a vendor / supplier with your company once and get access to 100+ caterers and 1,000+ customized menu offerings across price points.

With the Corporate Account your staff can place orders themselves on CaterNinja platform any big or small catering need. Be it any internal meetings, lunch or event they can place the order with payments. The consolidated order will be invoiced to the company. Budgets will never go out of control as they are pre-set and dediced by the company in advance. 

Services Highlights:

  • Single Consolidated Company Billing 
  • No per user fees; Add any number of employees
  • Invoices sent directly to finance department
  • No reimbursement hassles for employees
  • Dedicated CaterNinja Account Manager
  • Reports on Monthly Orders 
  • Controls on Budgets and Monthly Spends







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