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World is going Digital...What about your Corporate Catering ?

 First time in India Just Click to get Catered.

By now you have likely heard about CaterNinja’s Virtual Cafeteria , a refreshing new way to do catering. While the knee jerk reaction in media may have been a collectively raised eyebrows, the truth is CaterNinja’s NextGen catering service says lot more about corporate value than it does about being India’s 1st online catering platform….and as a employer, it’s worth considering how your workplace catering culture fits into the picture particularly when it comes to cafeteria management and resource utilization.

CaterNinja will do what it does best: Catering , yet give its clients, corporate cafeteria admins a bandwidth to do more productive work than following up on vendors multiple times for price negotiation, Food quality , Menu Accuracy  and Timely delivery. Now you have chance to remove these hassles and add value to organisation through CaterNinja.


How CaterNinja Works For You

We spend all day, everyday, talking to our caterers and making sure your order is on track so that you don't have to waste time following up.

Step 1

Place your order


Step 2

We confirm the caterer

Enter your address to see caterers who deliver to you. Choose    

the Menu, customize it and place the order.


Once your order is placed, we'll send it over to the caterer.                                            


Step 3

Caterer accepts your order


Step 4

We check-in with the caterer

Once the caterer accepts your order, we'll let you know you're all set.                    


We'll check in with the caterer the day before your event to ensure they're all set.


Step 5

Reminders to vendor on Event Day


Step 6

We ensure it's out for delivery on-time

We'll make sure your food is in the oven the day of your event.



Never waste time calling caterers / restaurants again. We coordinate the delivery




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